Recently, Heather Holbrook, Director of Program Development at Oak Meadow Montessori School in Lawrenceville, GA joined our dynamic team to help expand our reach and support to educational institutions. Little did she know how perfect her timing would be. By original design, Black Hat is a hospitality supply company, however we have embraced the opportunity before us to help schools source the necessary items to successfully operate during the Covid-19 pandemic. Because of Heather’s intimate involvement in the Montessori community for the last 13 years, she understands not only the basic items needed for any school to operate, but also some of the unique supply challenges Montessori schools face.  

With the long list of health and safety compliance requirements schools must follow now to open classrooms during the pandemic, demand for Covid-19 items is not going to go away any time soon. Consequently, the supply chain is going to continue to be limited. Because we work factory-direct, Black Hat usually has the inside scoop on when items will become available. Better yet, unlike most online and big box retailers, you do not have to wait for items to become in-stock on the shelves to place an order with Black Hat. The best thing for schools to do now is to get in the back-order queue so to be served far ahead of those who are just waiting for items to be restocked on the shelves. Most orders placed on back order can be cancelled at any time before it ships, so if we were to find a windfall of supplies elsewhere, we can always cancel the order. We monitor the status of all of our orders daily so we can keep you in the know about your supply purchases during this crazy time.

Hot items on the Back to School Supply List includes:

PPE Supplies: We have access to all PPE supplies including adult masks, pediatric masks, face shields, touchless thermometers, latex, and nitrile gloves. 

Hand Sanitizer: We have access to plenty of hand sanitizer. Our current inventory is comprised of 8-ounce pump bottles sold in a case of 24 bottles. Great for front desk or in the classrooms.

Janitorial Supplies: We have the janitorial supplies needed to properly clean, disinfect, and sanitize work areas. We know which cleaning materials are EPA approved and acknowledged to fight the Covid-19 virus. We also have access to disinfectants that are naturally derived, so they are safer to use in a school setting. If you have linens to wash, now more than ever it matters what kind of detergent you use.

Disinfecting equipment: Electrostatic sprayers have become a popular choice for schools to disinfect both the classrooms, as well as common and playground areas. We can also supply your school with touchless soap and sanitizer units.

Office, Breakroom, and Classroom Supplies: Yes, have those too!

Aprons: Cobbler Aprons are popular in the classroom setting. We can supply you with both adult and child size aprons in a variety of colors. These are quick shipped direct from the manufacturer.

Disposables: Many of the school systems have mandated the use of disposable food service items. We can provide these items as well. We even have access to products that are 100% recycled so that environmentally conscious schools can feel better about using disposables.

As the landscape continues to shift and change during this pandemic, Black Hat’s concierge approach allows us to be flexible and responsive to the changing needs of our clients. We love to think outside the box and offer up creative solutions to challenges. Our relationships with suppliers allow us to get you preferred placement in the queues for high-demand supplies. We are champions for education and are excited to be in the trenches with school administrators and educators to get children and teachers safely back in their classrooms. Call and ask for Heather!