In my 15 years of housewares sales I’ve learned that manufacturers create and discontinued products and product lines all the time. It’s just part of life and in sales you learn to accept this fact and move on – there is always something new to sell. Just recently, I learned that World Kitchen is going to discontinue their Magnalite line. I was stunned, shocked and deeply saddened. Matter of fact, I’m heartbroken.

You see, I have known this brand my whole life – over 48 years. In September 1968, this was the cooking set my parents received as a wedding present. My dad would warm up baby bottles in the small sauce pans. Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas hams and turkeys were always prepared in the heavy roasting pan, the large Dutch oven that was used for chili, an assortment of soups and stews, and held the water to cook the pasta for spaghetti dinners while the meat sauce was always prepared in the large skillet. Mom used to make her “famous” chocolate sauce used for ice cream sundaes. (Later we found out it was just the recipe on the side of the Hershey cocoa powder box). I can still remember how heavy those pots were, especially as a small child and having to lug them out of the lower cabinet in the kitchen when making hot cocoa or French toast on the stove. I also remember having to scrub out one of the sauce pans for what seemed like hours after scorching and burning grape jelly that I thought would make a great syrup for pancakes.

My mom passed away a few years ago, however, my dad still uses the Magnalite today; maybe not as often or as frequent as when we were young, but the Dutch oven and the large skillet are still used for spaghetti dinners. They may not be as shiny anymore and a couple of the handles may be looser than when they received brand new, but they are in great shape despite the age. Dad has already been asking who wants dibs on certain pieces when he passes on. Hard to believe that this cookware will live on past both my parents. I’ve got dibs on the Dutch oven and one of the sauce pans. I can’t wait to teach my children how to make mom’s chili. My hope is that the Magnalite will last long past I’m gone, and they can teach their children the same family recipes and use the same pots and pans once belonging to their grandparents.