Five years ago, life changed dramatically for me and my family. After some difficult times, my wife presented me with a sign that reads ‘Sometimes on the way to the Dream, you get lost and find a Better One’.

If you’re anything like our Black Hat team, you’ve been receiving email after email with references to ‘uncertain times’, ‘unprecedented’ events, or even ‘catastrophic’ end of the world scenarios. The current pandemic affects almost every walk of daily life, no news there right.

Well, we’re here to help. We want to help lift your spirits, help provide opportunities for productive activity, and maybe even help those who can’t help themselves.

Filtering out the noise, we see evidence of manufacturing improvements and flattening curves abroad. Empty rooms and chairs, once the bedrock of our businesses, now mean available space to help with health and human service needs in your community or a golden opportunity to attend to overdue renovations without business disruption.

If you can’t be ‘at work’, take time now to plan. Once we return to moving about freely, we will need people and products to return our businesses back to normal. Start now with your checklists. People, Products, and Places. Who will need what, where, and when?

We have time to help review your current programs. And if ever there was a time to make adjustments, it’s now. If you have questions about the products you use or are pondering trying something new, now is a great time for us to share our knowledge and explore new options. And for those In Search Of those hard to find personal protection items and related cleaners, give us a shout. We’ll get you in line. Products are scarce, but available in limited quantities.

Stay Positive. Adapt. Improvise. Overcome. We’re built to manage these tough times. I’m living proof that we can come out on the other side of this journey with a “Better Dream”. There are better days ahead. Find a way to make this your moment to shine.