While many businesses have been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, other businesses have found an opportunity to change their normal operations to help those in need. As a nation we have witnessed great shifts in production to help meet demands. Car manufacturer production lines have cranked out ventilators for hospitals. College students have repurposed 3D printers to make face shields for front line workers. Liquor distilleries have forgone producing their normal “spirits” and in exchange are bottling thousands of bottles of alcohol-based hand sanitizer. 

Black Hat has been privileged to witness, and be a part of, some of these fantastic shifts. Industries that have never had a need for masks or gloves or disinfectant sprays and wipes are now looking for a way to keep their employees safe as they return to work. We’ve been able to help supply hand sanitizer to businesses thanks to a local mat manufacturer who shifted its production model and created a new product to help meet demand. Because of our broad connections, we have helped a local non-profit organization with gloves and sanitizer so that they can safely continue to serve their mission helping area homeless. Supplying companies with reusable masks for their employees has been possible for us in part because companies such as WestPoint Home shifted gears in several their textile production factories and began making masks to help during this crisis.

Every ship’s captain must know when to trim the sails, change course, and jettison excess baggage. This pandemic has caused us all to have to reengineer how we approach daily life. What we once knew to be “normal” may never be the same again. We must all think outside the box, adapt, and collaborate more than ever before. Black Hat Enterprises’ concierge approach to supply solutions was designed for such a time as this. We are problem solvers, rethinkers and solution seekers. We are lean and keen, able to help companies pivot and adapt to the incredible change around us. Let us apply the breadth and depth of our industry knowledge to help you stand firmly at the helm and navigate these unchartered waters.