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Out of all the various products we sell to resorts and hotels, one of the products that stirs up the most questions is whether or not a property should invest in some type of mattress protection and if so, what product will best suit their needs? With a mattress set being one of the most expensive products you would put in to a guest room it would make sense to protect that investment.

By using protective bedding, you can extend the life of the mattress. Whether you are saving it from bedwetting accidents or protecting your mattress from bedbugs and dust mites, protective bedding helps preserve your mattress in its original condition.

Since there are so many products on the market that serve different purposes, here is some helpful information to decide what is best for your needs:

Bed Bug Encasements – There’s a common misconception that a bed bug encasement is somehow supposed to prevent bed bugs from reaching you in your bed, or that it somehow kills bed bugs that get onto the bed. What a bed bug encasement does is eliminate a ton of potential hiding places for bed bugs. Encasements cover all of those hiding places and replace them with a single, smooth surface that bed bugs can’t penetrate. This will make it a lot harder for bed bugs to hide in your bed, and a lot easier for you to spot any signs of bed bugs thanks to that solid white surface. Many bed bug encasements also offer a waterproof barrier so that they also protect the mattress from bed wedding or other fluids that can ruin the mattress.

Waterproof Mattress Pads – As the name implies, these products are designed to protect your mattress from liquids that could get on to a bed and ruin a mattress. In the past a lot of properties would shy away from this type of product because it had a vinyl barrier in it which would make noise and make for an uncomfortable sleep as vinyl reflects body heat back to the body. With advanced technology now, you can buy waterproof mattress pads that have a urethane barrier rather than vinyl making for a more comfortable and quieter sleep experience.

Vinyl Encasements – These are vinyl zippered styles and offer bed bug, allergy and waterproof protection. Although this is one of the most economical ways to go, it generally does not lend itself to an enjoyable sleep experience as vinyl makes noise when moves around on and does not breath the same way a urethane barriered product would. Because a person sleeping does not come in contact with the box spring as they would the mattress, many will use vinyl for the box spring protection and something with a urethane barrier for the mattress protection. Whether you are looking for certified bed bug protection or a breathable waterproof mattress pad, we have a solution for you.

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